Monday, July 2, 2018

Writing Workshop: List of Posts

[Note: Most of the material from these writing workshop blog posts, plus a lot more never-blogged material, is now available in my book, The Writing Workshop: Write More, Write Better, Be Happier in Academia.]

This is a list of the blog posts for the Writing Workshop series. Click on the title to go to any post. 

          Everything you need to organize your own workshop.
          Why have a writing workshop?

          A rough work plan for the next one to five years.

          Week-by-week goals for the rest of this semester or quarter.

          Day-by-day goals that you make every week.

           When you're finding it hard to write.

          Learn to explain about your research question to experts and non-experts.

          Before you do new research, you have to know what's already been done.

          Featuring IMRaD, the friendly hourglass.

          Think of yourself as a design-build contractor.

         How to give a good talk or conference poster. 

          How to replace fancy words with plain ones and unpack the technical terms that trip readers up.

          Unclutter your draft, and resist the urge to hide behind hedges.


  1. My colleagues and I love your book so far! We have started a writing workshop of our own and are looking forward to learning more from you. Thank you for making this available! Best, Claire @ University of Amsterdam

  2. Hey, that's great--good luck with your writing workshop! I look forward to hearing how it goes.

  3. Just want to say that I am coming back to your posts again and again to get inspiration. Thank you! Sam Wineburg

  4. Thanks, Sam! That's really nice to know. Your writing class syllabus is an inspiration in itself.

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  6. Hi Barbara, my lab has been loving your book/blog and started our own writing group this spring. We're on Chapter 8 about grants/fellowships, but the link above doesn't work. Any thoughts? Thanks!
    (from above)

    1. Hi Nate, Glad you like the blog! Sorry about the broken link; I think I've fixed it now. If it still doesn't work, please email me at sarnecka AT uci DOT edu and we'll figure out what's up. (Also, when the book is done it will be published in some more reliable/permanent form than this blog, which is a little flaky as a platform.) Good luck with your writing workshop!